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Mekids, an edutainment magazine of choice from an expanding family of children’s publications, carries the mission to promote learning through reading and fun. We communicate elements of early education to young children through colourful, conversational and entertaining style stories that are simple and enjoyable.

Mekids similar to other member magazines in TMG Children series inculcates scientific temper, fosters reasoning and application behind the observed day-to-day natural phenomena that ignites a spark of curiosity and creativity at an early age.

Just as important it is to foster scientific temper, equally important is to nurture human values, sense of responsibility, integrity of character and respect for other human beings, cultures and social norms, etc., in children to ensure they become responsible citizens of their nations. 

While features on environment, nature, science, riddles and games, etc., foster scientific temper in children, the self-read, read-to-me stories, moral and picture stories are carefully compiled to instil high individual and social values.